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World AIDS Day 2012: Working Together for an AIDS-free generation

World AIDS Day 2012: Working Together for an AIDS-free generation

HIV/AIDS is an Intergenerational Affair

The lack of HIV/AIDS awareness and dialogue affects the rates of infection. Therefore, HIV/AIDS is a family affair as it affects both our youth and older populations disproportionately. While Hispanics represent approximately 16% of the U.S. population, they account for an estimated 19% of those living with HIV. Latinos also account for nearly 20% of new HIV infections every year. In fact, about one in 50 Hispanics will be infected with HIV in their lifetime, and Latino seniors are at a disproportionate risk. The rates of HIV/AIDS among people ages 50 and over were fives times higher among Hispanics compared to non-Hispanic Whites.

NHCOA invites our partners and stakeholders to join us in acting against AIDS on World AIDS Day using the Spanish language toolkits below. Let’s leverage the respect, love, and influence we have as grandparents, heads of family and mentors to correct myths and eliminate stigma regarding this ageless, faceless, and genderless disease.

Partner Toolkit

Materials for Seniors

NHCOA is a proud partner of the CDC’s Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI), an effort to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among diverse communities. For more information, visit  

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