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Regional Meetings

2016 Promoting Communities of Success Regional Meetings

The NHCOA Open Forum is a culturally and linguistically sensitive space in which Hispanic older adults engage and connect with local leaders, advocates, service providers, caregivers, family members and policymakers to work towards solutions that address their specific needs.

The dates for the 2016 NHCOA Open Forums are:
Miami, FL June 9
Los Angeles, CA August 29


Empowerment and civic engagement training

As in previous years, the Open Forum is preceded by a two-day long Empowerment and Civic Engagement Training leadership program, which empowers service-oriented grassroots individuals with effective, community-based advocacy tools to tackle local issues and spread the message of leadership, empowerment, and civic engagement within their respective communities.

The dates for the 2016 NHCOA Empowerment and Civic Engagement trainings are:
Miami, FL June 7 & 8
Los Angeles, CA August 29

Sign up for the Empowerment and Civic Engagement training now!

Choose your city (Miami, Los Angeles), fill the form and send it to Janet Cohello at

"NHCOA is multiplying leadership through us, if these 50 some people trained today can reach at least two people, in one or two weeks, we will double. And, in a few more weeks, they will train others and we will multiply again, and so forth."

Dallas Ecet Participant
Proud to be a NHCOA Leader!

For more information about the NHCOA Promoting Communities of Success Regional Meetings, please e-mail *This training is intended for community and grassroots leaders that work directly with Hispanic communities.

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