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Leadership Development and Empowerment

NHCOA centers its work around the idea of developing leadership through empowerment and civic engagement. Many Hispanics were born in countries or have families in countries that do not have strong democratic traditions. Reminding Latinos that they have the right and responsibility to vote will be a key component to developing their level of civic engagement. Culturally and linguistically competent efforts designed to remind eligible Hispanics to register to vote and then go to the polls will help increase their turnout.

NHCOA’s Promoting Communities of Success Regional Meetings are designed to increase civic engagement among Hispanic older adults, their families, and caregivers. Each Regional Meeting features NHCOA’s two-day Empowerment and Civic Engagement Training (ECET), which demystifies the public policy advocacy process. ECET consists of exercises that allow Hispanic older adults to discuss and practice advocacy techniques, as well as learn how to select issues for which to advocate.

On the second day of ECET, each participant brings other people to train to become community leaders. ECET has garnered extremely positive reviews and was embraced by participants. One community leader in Dallas explained, “NHCOA is multiplying leadership through us. If these 50 some people trained today can reach at least two people, in one or two weeks, we will double. And, in a few more weeks, they will train others and we will multiply again, and so forth.” Since the ECET program started, NHCOA has training more than 800 grassroots and community leaders across the country.

The Hispanic older adults NHCOA encounters during its Regional Meetings are eager to work for solutions to their problems. Often, they express how important it is for the Hispanic community to work together for common goals. Other issues discussed during the NHCOA Promoting Communities of Success Regional Meeting includes the need for culturally and linguistically competent service providers, as well as access to these services.


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