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NHCOA Statement Regarding Signing Into Law of Temporary Debt Limit Deal

Urges Congress and President Obama to uphold promise made to our generations by protecting federal senior programs

Washington, DC– Dr. Yanira Cruz, NHCOA President and CEO, made the following remarks regarding the passage and enactment of a temporary debt ceiling deal:

“NHCOA is heartened by the passage of a debt ceiling deal and its promise to not place the burden of deficit reduction on lower-income and middle-class families. We applaud Congress and President Obama for reaching this temporary agreement that will protect and preserve Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for our older adults and their families.

“However, NHCOA believes that any changes made to these vital seniors programs should be subject to a fair, open, and bipartisan debate, which would be difficult to achieve in this current political climate. We need to stand behind our seniors and protect their needs and interests—not place more financial burden on their backs.
“Therefore, NHCOA is concerned with the conditions Congress proposed for the creation of a ‘super committee’, tasked with shaving another $1.5 trillion from the deficit by year’s end. Fast-tracking recommendations to cut these vital senior programs without an amendment process or more open debate, puts seniors and future generations in great peril and hinders real legislating.

“NHCOA redoubles its commitment in protecting the promise of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid so these programs continue to be a reality for our older adults and future generations, and urges Congressional leaders and President Obama to uphold them.”