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Cuéntanos tu Historia: Paid Family Leave

Over the past couple years, the National Hispanic Council on Aging has started to advocate for paid sick and family leave.  In this blog, NHCOA has described the importance and ability of these policies to appeal to a wide variety of people and groups.  Paid sick and family leave policies improve the health of individuals and the public, enhance the economic security of working people, and strengthen the ties between generations.

NHCOA is launching its “Cuéntanos Tu Historia” story collection campaign to provide a human context to these policy discussions.  In the coming weeks, NHCOA will begin featuring the stories of people from across the country that have been affected by paid sick and family leave policies.  While people can draw conclusions from descriptions of policies, stories provide real demonstrations of how the policies interact with real people.

To carry out the Cuéntanos Tu Historia campaign, NHCOA is working in partnership with its Hispanic Aging Network and members of the Diverse Elders Coalition.  Hispanic Aging Network partners in New Jersey, a state that provides paid leave for workers to take time off to recover from a serious illness and to help loved ones recover from a serious illness, will collect stories about the experiences Hispanic older adults have had with the law.  In Florida, a state that does not have paid sick days or paid sick and family leave protections, NHCOA’s community partner will learn about how people think they could benefit from such policies and the experiences people have had going to work sick or when a loved one needs care.  Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), a member of the Diverse Elders Coalition, will collect stories about paid leave needs of LGBT older adults.  The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), another Diverse Elders Coalition member, will collect stories from its community affiliates in California.

The Cuéntanos Tu Historia campaign is designed to highlight diverse populations and their perspectives on paid leave issues.  The ability to take time off work to care for one’s health or the health of a loved one is an issue that affects all working people.  With Cuéntanos Tu Historia, NHCOA will highlight the experiences of diverse groups to show that everyone has a stake ensuring that everyone has access to paid sick and family leave policies.