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National Hispanic SMP: Delaying to File for Medicare Could Hurt Seniors Pockets

The more informed you and your loved ones are regarding your Medicare, the less likely you are to be a victim of Medicare fraud. Through the National Hispanic SMP (NHSMP), NHCOA reaches Hispanic older adults, families, and caregivers to protect, detect, and report Medicare fraud in a culturally, linguistically, and age appropriate manner.

The number 65 is a key number in Medicare terms. It is the age that a person to eligible to file for Medicare benefits. Given the economic downturn, there are increasingly more seniors who continue working past 65, some of who end up postponing filing for Medicare in fear of it hindering them.

However, it is all the contrary: failing to file for Medicare in a timely fashion will result in Part B monthly premium hikes—10% for each 12-month period that a senior could have been covered but wasn’t. The worst part is that penalty is permanent, resulting in unnecessary additional expenses at a time when every penny counts.

Seniors have a six-month window to file for Medicare, which starts three months prior to turning 65 and three month after. Those who have filed for Social Security benefits will automatically be enrolled in Medicare, but those who haven’t must enroll themselves at a local Social Security Administration office or online.

Note: Any person who turns 65 is eligible for Medicare even if (s)he can’t receive Social Security benefits.

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